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We are now accepting new members...

Please Stop By The Club For An Application or

Download the Application

Bugatti's Membership Includes:

  • Guests (bring up to 4 guests per member)

  • Reduced Prices on Select Theatrical shows & Concerts  

  • Military Deployment Deferment (your deployment is never counted against your membership)

  • Download the application and bring it with your cash payment. 

Six Month Membership $50

Annual Membership $100 


All applicants hereby agree to abide by the decision of the membership committee without recourse.  Applicant also agrees to abide by all rules and regulations as provided for by the Board of Directors.  Applicant further agrees to adhere to all policies as directed by the Club Manager. Failure to abide by any of the aforementioned regulations will be cause for immediate termination from the club. 

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